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Resources for Victims

The Nevada Attorney General has created a list of available resources for victims of human sex trafficking in Nevada.  For more information on resources available near you, click here []   to be redirected to the NV Attorney General’s resource list.

Battling the Demand

Sex trafficking is about monetary profit and would not exist without the demand.  Research shows that nearly 12 million people struggle with sex addiction every day in the US [America Association of Marriage and Family Therapists].

 In addition to the pages you will find in the drop-down menu, the following links may be of assistance ~ simply click for more information:

Polaris Project

Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas 

Sojourn Foundation 

Purple Wings 

Shared Hope International 

Congo Justice Las Vegas 

Awaken Reno 

Shade Tree

Statistics from BeFree Texting Helpline

Labor Trafficking in the US

Language as an Indicator

Child Sex Trafficking: A Resource List to Help

Change the Demand

Setting Captives Free

Awaken []Awaken is a Christian non-profit organization based in Reno, Nevada. Our mission is to increase awareness and education surrounding the issue of sexual exploitation, and to provide shelter and restoration for its victims.

Congo Justice [] – Congo Justice seeks to build alliances within our community, combine resources and talents to create a viable network that can be the voice for those who wouldn’t otherwise have one.  It is through educational workshops, presentations, documentary film screenings, outreach programs and the wide application of media, that we seek to raise awareness of iniquitous issues that currently affect our global community today.

F.R.E.E. International [ ] – F.R.E.E. International is a faith based 501-C3 working to fight against human trafficking. Our mission is to end commercial sex trafficking through networking and partnering with the faith community and other service providers to combine resources in addressing this issue.

Hookers for Jesus [] - Hookers for Jesus is faith based organization that provides outreach, community awareness, and a transitional housing program, The Destiny House, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Polaris Project [] – The Polaris Project is a national organization dedicated to eradicating modern slavery and restoring freedom to survivors. In addition to advocacy, policy, technical assistance and data collection, the Polaris Project also runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center []

Purple Wings []Purple W.I.N.G.S. helps those facing challenges to ultimately use their personal power to reach their goals and dreams. They provide: Weekly two-hour supportive conversation circles; Goal setting programs; Peer and adult one-on-one mentoring; and a variety of community-based activities.

The Rape Crisis Center [] – The Rape Crisis Center provides emergency response and victim assistance. This includes our 24-hour hotline and in-person response to accompany victims at the hospital, supporting them through the difficult hours immediately following the assault and anytime they or a family member or friend have a question or need information.

Seeds of Hope (Salvation Army) [!seeds-of-hope-human-trafficking/ck2l] – Provides emergency shelter, transportation, clothing, food, victim advocacy, crises intervention and safety planning, medical and dental care, mental health counseling, employment assistance, legal referrals, substance abuse treatment, access to child care, etc.

Shared Hope International [] – Shared Hope International strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children. We envision a world passionately opposed to sex trafficking and a committed community restoring survivors to lives of purpose, value and choice – one life at a time.