Thank You…

January 23rd, 2014
by admin

Trafficked No More Documentary would like to thank:

  • Catherine Cortez Masto, Attorney General of Nevada
  • Alexis Kennedy (UNLV)
  • Andrea Swanson (Mother)
  • Annie Lobert (Hookers For Jesus)
  • Bertral Washington (CCFD)
  • Carla Higginbotham (US Attorney Reno)
  • Steve Wolfson Clark County District Attorney
  • Daniel Bogden US Attorney to Nevada
  • Dave Morgan (Counseling Center)
  • Esther Brown (Embracing Project)
  • Karen Hughes (LVMPD)
  • Linda
  • Dr. Lois Lee (CHildren Of The Night)
  • Lou Pascoe
  • Mayor Carolyn G Goodman (City Of Las Vegas)
  • Melissa Holland (Awaken)
  • Mike Sprinkle (Assemblyman)
  • Paul J Enos (Nevada Trucking Association)
  • Ron Chalmers (Reno PD)
  • Stacey Cramer (Salvation Army)
  • Steven Horsford (US Congressman)
  • Tiffany Short (FBI)
  • Toshia Shaw (Purple Wings)
  • Reno Police Department
  • Pastor Aaron Hansel ( ICLV Dream Center / Be A Voice)
  • Pastor Troy Martinez (10,000 Kids / East Vegas Christian Center)


Executive Producer: Troy Martinez

Director: Adrian Leon

Producer: Aaron Hansel

Original Score by Ludim Juarez            

Film Credits

Camille Nato
Lailani Clarke
Jason Sanchez
Robert Bedwell
Jose Mantano
Joseph Mantano
Erika Lopez
Neddie Lopez
Eileen Noda
Adrian Leon
Baby Zachary Smith

Music Credits:

Chase Grijalva
Marla Grijalva
Cosme Grijalva
Dara Godoy
Tom Kelly

Production Credits:

Kristen Martinez
Sandra Martinez
Autumn Clarke
Federal Bureau of Investgations
Clark County Fire Department
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Reno Police Department

Special Thanks to:

Justin Booth

This film is dedicated to, Leann Moffett